Expand the learning process into extended reality.

Embrace the future and discover how learning in Virtual & Augmented Reality can take your organization to the next level.

VR, hologram, touchscreen or AR, Epyc has always been a solid and dynamic partner, providing the necessary technical and content expertise in the development of our various projects. From concept to realization and installation, cooperation and contact went smoothly. Epyc and its partner Soulmade are always flexible and solution-oriented, with a high-quality result every time within the agreed timeline and budget.

What are the benefits of learning in Virtual or Augmented Reality?

Let the future of learning in your organization come to life with our innovative learning solutions in Virtual & Augmented Reality.


Learning in VR or AR creates a deeper sense of presence, so that your employees are more (physically) involved in the learning process.


In VR or AR, employees have the opportunity to practice with skills and situations that are unsafe.


By learning in a physical and interactive way, your employees can better remember the learning content and also apply it in practice.


VR offers employees access to places, situations or exercises that are normally impossible - such as physically discovering a DNA molecule, extinguishing a fire in a warehouse, or repairing a high-voltage cable.


Learning in VR or AR is exciting, amazing and fun. This motivates you to keep learning.

Physical learning experience

Employees can practice skills that cause stress or anxiety in practice, such as giving a presentation or performing a medical procedure.

Is your organization ready for a new, relaxed way of learning?

Get in touch with us. We'd love to tell you more about developing mixed reality solutions for your organization.

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