The right learning platform for your organization. Easier said than done. Luckily, we're here to help you.

There is a plethora of tools that help create, organize, and manage learning interventions.
But which one brings your organization to a higher level?

We know exactly what to look for to find the platform that best suits your organization!

Get to know our own platforms

Axel on the web

Axele on-the-job

The interactive guidance tool that helps your employees achieve their learning goals independently. With this digital tool where the focus is on learning by doing, you can effortlessly develop high-quality learning paths and interactive instructions.

Get to know Axele on-the-Job
Epyc Learning Platform

Epyc Learning Platform

With this learning platform, you can collect all internal learning activities in one place. In addition, you are in the driver seat yourself to create impactful learning experiences that allow your employees to develop the necessary skills.

Get to know the ELP
What do we look for when finding the right learning system for you?

In addition to our own platforms, there are still so many tools that help your employees learn, but what do you use?

At Epyc, we guide your organization to clarify the needs for a learning platform and thus find the most suitable tools for you and your employees.


Whether you are a multinational or an entrepreneur with a small group of employees makes a big difference in finding the right tool. That's why we look at the specific characteristics and wishes of your organization in order to find the most suitable platform.


Choosing a tool is one thing, but how do you ensure that that tool also produces the right result? Together with you, we will look for a platform that transmits learning content as efficiently and successfully as possible.

Clearly arranged

We help prevent your employees from being stranded in a tool that contributes little to their learning process. Because where one organization benefits from a versatile learning management system, another company gets more out of a smaller-scale solution.

Here's how we find the platform you'll succeed with:

Epyc checklist

We capture your organization's needs with regard to a tool and formulate selection criteria.

Supplier selection

Based on the selection criteria, we jointly compile a list of potential suppliers for these tools.

Decision matrix

We analyse potential suppliers using a scoring matrix.

Final Report

We formulate the advantages and disadvantages of the appropriate tools so that you can make the choice that suits your organization.

Is your organization ready for a new, relaxed way of learning?

Get in touch with us. We'd love to tell you more about developing a Serious Game for your organization.

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