Epyc Learning Platform, the smart LMS

Are you ready to take your learning organization to the next level and make even more impact in the development of all employees within the organization? Get to know the Epyc Learning Platform.

With this learning platform, you can collect all internal learning activities in one place. In addition, you also sit in the driver seat yourself to create impactful learning experiences that allow your employees to develop the necessary skills.

What can the Epyc Learning Platform mean for your organization?

You get the best of both worlds with the Epyc Learning Platform. First of all, it is an advanced learning platform where all internal learning interventions and activities can be managed and organized.

In addition, however, it is also a content management system (CMS) that allows you to develop the courses and activities yourself.

Learning platform and learning library

On the Epyc Learning Platform, you manage and organize all internal learning interventions in a central and convenient location. The students get easy access to the necessary learning solutions. They can work individually with the content. The webinar functionality makes it possible to learn both synchronously and asynchronously.

Content creation and management

With the Epyc Learning Platform, your organization has the opportunity to develop and offer learning activities itself. Using simple authoring within the platform, you can quickly create new content. You use existing templates and question forms to develop powerful e-learnings yourself.

Dashboards and Certificate Management

Dashboards provide insight into the impact of the learning interventions. A lot of information is stored, such as user numbers, new registrations, completed courses, expired certificates, etc. Participants receive advice based on their results and receive certificates for the learning interventions followed.

4 key benefits for you and your users

Accessible and organized

You can efficiently manage all internal learning initiatives, courses, data and certificates in one place within the organization.

User friendly

Get started yourself with simple tools and pre-programmed templates to build your courses.


Do you provide more languages? Then, with just one push of a button, the e-learning can be translated into each student's preferred language.


Use the intelligent learning tracking system to create personalized learning paths that are truly tailored to your employees.

No heavy system but a customized and personalized learning platform that really does what your organization needs.

The following components make our tool extra user-friendly for your organization

Is your organization ready for new and innovative e-learning platform?

Get in touch with us. We'd love to tell you more about the Epyc Learning Platform!

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