Axele on-the-job, your smart coach

Are you ready to give your organization a big boost? Meet Axele on-the-Job! The interactive guidance tool that helps your employees achieve their learning goals independently. Curious how Axele on-the-job can help your organization innovate the training offer? With this digital tool where the focus is on learning by doing, you can effortlessly develop high-quality learning paths and interactive instructions.

Time to take your internal learning offerings to the next level!

What can Axele on-the-job mean for your organization?

Axele on-the-job guides your employees and customers in carrying out physical actions with your products.

Via a QR code, they get access to an advanced e-learning system and interactive manual tool.

Digital manuals

Create your own interactive digital manuals in no-time that guide customers or employees clearly and step-by-step through installation processes or maintenance tasks. These user-friendly guides improve experience and efficiency, making complex procedures accessible.

Integrate training courses

With Axele on-the-job, you can integrate new and existing training courses, webinars, manuals,... in the blink of an eye. By means of interactivity, the current situation in which the user is located during installations, maintenance or training is always taken into account.

Smooth onboarding

With Axele on-the-job, you can achieve smooth onboarding that immediately immerses your new employees in the specifics of the organization. In addition, it is also a way for other employees to easily update their knowledge about new but also existing products.

Axelerate your workforce: empower people, achieve excellence!

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4 key benefits for you and your users

Tailored content

Creating guides is as easy as adding and organizing blocks, giving them a title, and filling in the content. The contents of your manual may include a combination of text, photos, videos, or drawings. The QR code is generated automatically.

User friendly

There is no need to download a separate application or software. As an organization, you can easily build each process via our interface, using a customized URL. We offer you all the functionality you need without complexity. Our tool is multilingual and can be fully developed in the right corporate identity.


A learning platform must be flexible, affordable and, above all, accessible. By focusing on digital guidance via manual or remote guidance, Axele aims for 5 stars on-the-job for each of those goals. At the end of the trip, you mainly want a sustainable solution that saves you time and costs!

Interactive guidance

The tool takes into account the situation on site and asks specific questions to the user. As an installer of a machine or user of a product, with Axele on-the-job, we reach your employee and customer in a customized way.

Is your organization ready for a effective digital guides?

Get in touch with us. We'd love to tell you more about Axele on-the-job.

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