The Flemish Agency for integration

7 videos, 1 goal: the principles and values of the Flemish society in focus

The Flemish Agency for Integration (AGII) wanted to convey its fundamental values to newcomers in an accessible way. To do this, it chose to collaborate with Epyc on a series of 7 informative and inspiring videos.

Our team worked closely with AGII to develop scripts, record videos and develop animations. This resulted in visually appealing and educational content. The videos help newcomers understand and embrace the basic principles of Flemish society, and are used during information meetings and integration courses.

What is the "Flemish Agency for integration"?

The "the Flemish agency for integration" (AGII) is a Flemish government organization that focuses on promoting the integration of newcomers and people with a migration background into Flemish society. AGII addresses the challenges resulting from migration through a wide range of services, including language support, information and advice, and job and education support.

Their mission is to embrace diversity and ensure that everyone can fully participate in society. They work for a shared future where people, regardless of their origin or background, have equal opportunities. AGII is organizing an integration process, including the Social Orientation course. Here, students learn about living and working in Belgium.

The challenge

To further shape the Social Orientation course, AGII wants to bring the 7 fundamental principles that are crucial for a better understanding of society to the attention of the students. The videos serve as course material and are incorporated into online learning modules.

The challenge here lies in communicating abstract concepts effectively in a way that is understandable, relevant and not stigmatizing for everyone. Newcomers come from diverse cultural, linguistic and educational backgrounds, which means that the content should not only be clear and accessible, but also appealing and recognisable.

The 7 fundamental values are:

Government Neutrality

The government remains neutral and impartial in its treatment of all citizens.

Respect for Sexual Diversity

Acceptance and respect for people regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Separation of Powers

The division of power between the legislative, executive, and judicial branches to prevent abuse of power.

Equality between Men and Women

Men and women have equal rights and opportunities in all aspects of life.

Freedom of Speech

The right to express your thoughts and ideas freely, within the limits of the law.


Everyone is treated equally regardless of origin, creed, gender, or other characteristics.

Separation between Church and State

The government and religious institutions operate independently to guarantee religious freedom.

Our solution

After a detailed briefing by AGII to clarify the specific goals and expectations of this project, it was decided to develop 7 videos which were then be incorporated into an interactive e-learning. Taking into account the target group and the challenges mentioned above.

First, our instructional designers developed a concept. This applied didactic principles that should make the learning solution impactful. Informative and inspiring scripts and storyboards were developed in close collaboration with the AGII team. One goal was paramount: to present the 7 fundamental values in a way that radiates empathy and respect, without appearing instructive. By finding the right balance between information and inspiration, and using visual elements in a mix of video and animation, this message was given extra strength.

We closely involved AGII employees, internal experts and teachers, who participated in the creation of the video's. In this way, we show their commitment and ensure that we deliver something that is widely supported by the AGII team. By involving 'the man in the street' in the interviews, we also offer a diverse and positive representation of the target audience.

In co-creation with AGII, the following actions were carried out:

“The collaboration with Epyc on this project was definitely a success. The videos are not only professional and attractive, but also perfectly convey the essence of our fundamental values. We have already received many positive reactions from our clients and employees.”

What do you know about the Separation of Powers? Below is a part of the video.

The Result

The 7 finished videos were positively received by both the AGII and the target group. In the coming period, the project will be rolled out more widely and used by AGII during the Social Orientation classes, both in class and online. By combining a clear explanation and clear video footage and animations, the videos are able to convey the important values in an accessible way.

This project shows how important and effective the use of visual media can be in communicating important social values. By working closely with AGII, we have created videos that are not only informative, but also inspire and connect.

We are proud of the result and look forward to future collaborations to produce even more valuable content.

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