Insight into drug development with the power of 4D

In collaboration with Soulmade, we created a real-time 4D visualization of proteins for the University of Antwerp. This is how the university continues to live up to its position as a world leader in pharmaceutical sciences.

University of Antwerp is a global hub for drug design. Software has its place here, to make simulations and calculations. But their work called for a better visualization of proteins, which are usually incredibly large and difficult to edit on a 2D computer screen. Epyc searched and found the ideal digital solution.

The challenge

Develop a real-time simulation that shows the behavior of atoms and molecules and provides a spatial image of proteins for the user.

Use Virtual Reality to create depth vision to help you intuitively understand the structure of proteins.

Make it possible for the user to 'sense' calculated fields (e.g. electrostatic potential) and to exert force on molecules during the simulation.

Our approach

Beyond a basic VR solution

With Soulmade, a reference in the VR world, we looked for a VR solution that was up to the University of Antwerp's challenge.

The choice fell on a simulation that became tangible using haptic gloves. This allows the user to physically separate molecules from each other and to feel and perform certain forces during research.

Better understanding and insight

Our simulation ensures that the user can see their calculations in real time. This leap in technology around “Molecular Dynamics” - putting atoms and molecules together to better understand their behavior - promotes the development of effective drugs.

From 2D to 4D

Previously, molecules and atoms were mainly studied in 2D. Thanks to Virtual Reality, users now get a depth view (3D). With the addition of haptic gloves, we and our partner Soulmade go a step further: by making molecules and atoms tangible, we help users to intuitively understand the structure of proteins at the 4D level.

Lab-jacketed researcher becomes VR gamer

We created a personalized interface so players can see their progress right away. They receive immediate feedback about their choices, which promotes the learning process.

Distinguish the molecules!

Studying proteins under the microscope is no easy task. So let us help you out.

Put on the VR glasses and put on your haptic gloves. Ready?

Now that you can see the molecules and atoms clearly, it is easier to distinguish them from each other and to better investigate their behavior.

Tell me, what new insight did you discover?

Do you also want to move your organization from 2D to 4D?

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