From browsing through tough theory to a fun game about safety

We helped IMEC - Flemish innovation company in the field of microelectronics - to give their safety policy a new look with a fun point-and-click game.

Interuniversity Micro-Electronics Center (IMEC) has been conducting groundbreaking research in the fields of microelectronics, nanotechnology and artificial intelligence since 1984.

To get and keep access to their high-tech lab on the KU Leuven campus, employees must be continuously trained and tested. There is a lot at stake: the lab access policy prevents possible exposure to environmental, health and safety risks.

The challenge

Create a fun and original way to propose laboratory regulations to employees.

Take inspiration from 'Save Santa Claus', an online escape room that Epyc sent to its customers as a Christmas card. IMEC loved this so much that they wanted to use Serious Games' opportunities for their own organization.

Make sure that the chosen learning method is easy to adapt when regulations are updated.

Our approach

Building a Serious Game

We decided to give the point-and-click game for IMEC a well-known host: Professor Ugenius, the mascot that IMEC regularly uses in security campaigns.

Prof. Ugenius takes the players into the lab, where they experience the dangers that can arise if they make the wrong decision. As a result, they are extra aware of the existing risks and the importance of the regulations in the real world.

Integrating learning content

Using the theoretical 'Lab Access Control Policy', we have created various situations that simulate realistic risks.

This way, employees know exactly which action leads to which consequences. This takes into account health, safety and environmental risks.

Measuring progress

While playing the game, employees discover which choice has a positive or negative effect. As a result, the progress of their learning process is immediately visible and they always know how to make the right decision in the future.

Does your decision endanger the environment, health or safety?

We created a personalized interface so players can see their progress right away. They receive immediate feedback about their choices, which promotes the learning process.

Battle with Prof. Ugenius!

An employee stands at the door and asks for access to the laser laboratory. Will you let him in?

Search the lab for clues, information, and additional data that proves that this employee actually has access to this part of the lab.

Are you still letting him in unauthorised? Then the consequences are huge...

Do you want your employees to experience the consequences of safety procedures? Let them experience it during a game?

Let's talk! We'd love to tell you more.

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